Monday, November 10, 2008

A Lot Less Anxiousness

I'm noticing that w/each paycheck I'm not as anxious as my paydate approaches. Neither have I felt the urge to race to our website to see what my amounts will be the moment the company posts the info. In the past I would often be early and have to wait a few days. Perhaps this is because I usually have enough make my debt payments (sometimes a large amount and sometimes an amount above the mimimums). I'm noticing still some habits I don't particularly like. One is spending whatever is in the account once everything is saved and paid. I could always save more since my savings are at a mimimum right now. Most importantly I miss the excitement I had when I was able to send hundreds of dollars more than I'd expected. I'm afraid that means I'm slowing down in my game. It could just mean I'm settling down to what I have to do. Over and out!

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