Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Being Financially Responsible

Listening to Errol Louis, one of my fav radio hosts, the conversation with a guest was about the bailout plan and the prediction that 2.2 mortgages will foreclose in the coming years. He said to the guest, "If you've been financialy responsible you'll be on the upside when the time comes."

That phrase rung with me. I'm working on being just that. Paying my bills on time. Changing my mindset to get "I matter" and what happens around me is important. It keeps me paying attention to what goes on and financially not being asleep at the wheel.

I have more work to do in terms of continually looking at my life and setting and resetting priorities. This lead me to:
Traits of Dynamism
-Know God is in charge - Act like it
-Be awake to life
-Make a plan - Follow it - Know when to change course
-Recognize what actions need to take place - Do them
-Go thru the hard places with eyes open

As I said I know I got work to do!!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Having More Time Off!!!

A thought of taking January off has been circulating around in my brain for the past 2 weeks. Two weeks vacay is coming to me. However, the thought of having enough is on my mind. I have one of those no workee - no payee jobs.

However, another thought poped up while showering. What if I saved just $100 a month for a year and prepaid that month of smaller bills/debt? I could actually take a month off. I could even do it by working the first 3 weeks of a month and then the last 3 weeks of the following month. There are various combinations, even 2 and 2 would work.
Wouldn't that be grand?

Now I know my debt will be way lowered and stepping up my 401K, E and mortgage savings are extremely important, but the Divas gotta have a little fun too.

Lots to meditate on for 2009!

Paying Them Off Bit by Bit

Care Credit - Paying it off. Now that my balance will be $150 after tomorrow's payment I 'm just going to pay if off. Yes I'm snatching it out of my Serious acct. at ING. Probably not the smartist move, interest and emergency wise, but I just want them to be done with. I've set up to pay myself back at $50 a month. I may be able to make it in two payment of $75. Hmmm!

Landowner fees - $125 by the end of September will have 2008 paid in full. I'll keep the EOM check deductions going til years' end so by I can pay them $200 for 2009 dues, throw it on debt or pay car insurance. Either way I have choices.

Car insurance - Will begin deducting $50 per MOM check in an ING account. By the time the bill is due for mid 2009 I'll be able to give them the one shot deal. If I don't throw that on debt as well. I have this habit of wanting to send BofA a check with I see hundreds of dollars, especially since it only costs me an additional $4 to pay in quartly installments.

When I started deducting what seemed like little bits of $$ from the MOM check I saw just how much it made a difference in being able to pay some of my yearly bills at one time. I didn't have to figure how I was going to pay, etc. Makes it less stressful.
peace and happy Sunday!