Sunday, September 14, 2008

Having More Time Off!!!

A thought of taking January off has been circulating around in my brain for the past 2 weeks. Two weeks vacay is coming to me. However, the thought of having enough is on my mind. I have one of those no workee - no payee jobs.

However, another thought poped up while showering. What if I saved just $100 a month for a year and prepaid that month of smaller bills/debt? I could actually take a month off. I could even do it by working the first 3 weeks of a month and then the last 3 weeks of the following month. There are various combinations, even 2 and 2 would work.
Wouldn't that be grand?

Now I know my debt will be way lowered and stepping up my 401K, E and mortgage savings are extremely important, but the Divas gotta have a little fun too.

Lots to meditate on for 2009!

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