Sunday, September 14, 2008

Paying Them Off Bit by Bit

Care Credit - Paying it off. Now that my balance will be $150 after tomorrow's payment I 'm just going to pay if off. Yes I'm snatching it out of my Serious acct. at ING. Probably not the smartist move, interest and emergency wise, but I just want them to be done with. I've set up to pay myself back at $50 a month. I may be able to make it in two payment of $75. Hmmm!

Landowner fees - $125 by the end of September will have 2008 paid in full. I'll keep the EOM check deductions going til years' end so by I can pay them $200 for 2009 dues, throw it on debt or pay car insurance. Either way I have choices.

Car insurance - Will begin deducting $50 per MOM check in an ING account. By the time the bill is due for mid 2009 I'll be able to give them the one shot deal. If I don't throw that on debt as well. I have this habit of wanting to send BofA a check with I see hundreds of dollars, especially since it only costs me an additional $4 to pay in quartly installments.

When I started deducting what seemed like little bits of $$ from the MOM check I saw just how much it made a difference in being able to pay some of my yearly bills at one time. I didn't have to figure how I was going to pay, etc. Makes it less stressful.
peace and happy Sunday!

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