Friday, June 06, 2008

Inertia, or so I'm Mistakenly Calling It

A feeling of non-movement. Stuck. Like I'm not doing anything. Inertia. I checked out my main account, calculated what percentage was formerly going into my 401K from my mid month paycheck. $97 I think it was. Guess what? I'm making it an even $100, even though I'm still having 1% deducted. So the total upcoming payment will be $250. $157 was May's minimum payment. June's will be less due to the extra $650 I sent their way. However, I'm not taking into consideration a lower amount. The goal is to let this ball and chain go.

Are there things I need to do. Yes!!!!Resoundingly so. Tomorrow I'll look at my goals and see what I'm going to do. One of them is clean up my computer area and file papers. Not feeling so hot so we'll see how tomorrow goes.

You know what? Inertia is certainly not what this is. I'm just tired.

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