Monday, June 02, 2008

WaMu and the Rest of My Day

Sounds like a donkey. Anyway they've been sending me c/c offers. I almost took the last one and called. Looked at it one more time and decided not to have a hard inquiry on my report. No I'm not happy w/my current interest, but my goal is to work it down. Actually....There was a little break in my typing while I called BofA to try to get a match on the WaMu. No Deal. Valued me as a customer since 1997, blah, blah. He did offer me a balance transfer of 2.9 for other balances. I turned that down. However, I forgot to ask for my limit to be raised. How could I be so... Enough of that. I, as you know will try a-gain.

Successful Finances Require More than Just Learning at pfadvice reminded me to get off my butt regarding calling mine and the other parties insurance co. Not good for me as they are not paying for my damages. The only thing to do is to go on to the next step to have my car repaired.

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