Friday, May 30, 2008

I Almost Went Crazy

A short walk to the cleaners(more on that later) had me make a stop at the supermarket for my Altoid fix. What do you mean you have none in stock? I quickly dismissed an extra 3 block walk to another store. I also thought about getting the car and going to Tar-gee. Of course I need soy milk and was told they would have it in stock today, but one there is the issue of parking and two unless they have restocked their stash overnight, I will have to search register to register like I did yesterday to find my fix. Nope.

Alas, a solution: I decided to chance a drugstore on my corner. Yes!!!! Peppermint altoids. Why is this major? When they opened a few years ago in the height of my Altoid passion I was able to buy them at $1.67 no tax. Months later they could only get the Spearmint. No way! At the time I had an out because the supermarket across the street began to sell them at a lower price. Soon after they began flying off the shelf due to moi, they raised the price to $2.19. Mus' be mad. Not I. That's like paying for them at the airport which can run close to $4. Absolute robbery.
Anyway I was able to buy 2 boxes which burned a hole in my pocket. I had to fight to keep myself from opening up and picking up two at a time w/my tongue(hands were dirty), but I didn't want to look like a fool. I made it home and decided I needed to share this bit of ridiculousity. Guess what? I'm having a damn good day. Oh! did I mention I was sorting paper and filing bills that have been stacked for a while.

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