Thursday, May 08, 2008

Strong Women, Powerful Financial Strategies

I attended a Financial Literacy Series held at a local church. When they handed me the info by Ameritrade I said "I've been here before". I was right on some level, however, the woman conducting said some things that were in line w/where I am currently and did not push her company down our throats. Rather I took the opportunity to journal and tighten up my financial goals. I jotted down a few things and went back to my "Financial Feelings"journaling from February. I'm still interested in the same things and added a few others:

2008 Financial Goals
1-Increase E-fund to $3,500.
2-Debt elimination:
---AX $1,375
---Citibank $246 and $50
---GE $350
---B of A reduce by $4,000 & reduce interest/reopen acct.
3-Research Roth's and convert my SEP.
4-Monitor my cos. stock & cash in when it's at a level that works for me.
5-Pay SRLOA fees in full.
6-Research Ariel.
7-Have a full pic of my net worth.
Sorry to say I won't be at the Millionaires-6 Stages to Wealth session. Sistah moderator is defenitely not in that category. Not being nasty, but I know can get more out my time by doing my reading and research.

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