Tuesday, May 20, 2008

books, books and more books

In Callie for the day. Happy to see a Target near us. I went over and lo and behold altoids were priced 4 for $5(2 double packs). A dream! Not Costco but way better than the usual $4.11 for the double pack. Actually it's near the Costco price. I paid $15 no tax for 12 boxes which is approx $.30 more since we charge tax here.
BTW the purpose for this post was to mention the pf books I perused while at Borders after I tore myself away from the big T.
They were:
1.Nice Girls don't Get Rich-Frankel-tips to get me thinking
2.Green w/Envy-Boss - the perceptions we have about others' financial lives
3.America's Cheapest Family-Economides-title says it all, amusing
4.You're Broke because you Want to Be-Winget
5.Credit Card Debt-Daskaloff-looks like something written in the 60's okay I'll give him the 70's
6.Deal w/Your Debt-Weston Pulliam- a how to
7.More than Enough-Ramsey
8.Debt Cures-Trudeau

While I didn't pull the next two off the shelves, I made a note of The Wealthy Barber and Mundis' book How to Get out of Debt and Stay Out of Debt.
In the hour and a half I had I spent the most time with 2 and 3. Flipped thru the rest. I'm not really a fan of Kevin Trudeau and wanted to see if his book was basically a rehash of same/similar info. By the time I got to his book my eyes were closing. I will take a look the next time I'm at a bookstore.

Now onto my library site to see what they might have.

ps.The Tao of Buffet is being held for me. I can't wait.

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