Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A $2.00 library fine

A fine? I've been managing (code for not getting them at all) them, but I slipped. Now the fact that I thought that my DVD was due yesterday meant I was supposed to check. But nooooooooooo I said to myself, "I already renewed it." Went to my account this morning and guess what? Not! To add insult to injury the fine was not the .25 I'd expected,but 2 whole dollars had been tacked to my account. Shyte. Well I'll deal w/it later. I vow from now on to put my due dates on a post it.

AX - managed to pay them an additional $175. Down to $1200. Since my billing cycle closes today, I was glad to get the additional payment in. Currently I'll owe $62.26+30ish(suspected interest charge). God. Remember when it was 2x that. Either way it will be less than 100 bucks which will be paid EOM. I intend to add $5-600 to it. I do need to not get so crazy and budget some bucks for Memorial Day Weekend. Okay!

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