Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I gave 50 bucks to my girl's breast cancer walk/run. More out of guilt cause I didn't walk. Yes, I had to hear about her mom and her girlfriends mom, blah blah....Anywho I had the cash and I did what I felt I could do. The deal it started me thinking about how I want to support others.

The library is one of my loves. A newly renovated branch was recently running a buy a book campaign. The thing that pissed me off was in order to support it you had to give $25 bucks to the central library in order to donate an additional $25 to the branch. While it didn't work for me I liked the concept. I've just learned the drive is over, but I'll call the Corporate Donations office to see if they'll still accept funds. If not I'll put it in the budget to give to the library in the very near future.

PS. The BofA card is safely in the drawer.

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