Sunday, May 04, 2008

Altoids Anyone?

Those little white round things are my greatest nemesis right now. And they take up a lot of $. When I'm able to get them from Costco it only sets me back $14 for a 12-pack as opposed to $1.75-$2.14 for one box or $3.17 for a 2-pk at Target. Speaking of which I want some right now, but I forgot them at home.
I recently purchased the chocolate covered altoids on sale. Some things are better left alone. When it comes to my junk food I tend to be a purist. Plain chips please. No sour cream/pepper salt/cheese onion. Yuk!
A few years ago my spending chart reflected a whopping $99 spent in altoids and chips. In one month I surrendered altoids immediatly and cut back on the chips. I lost some inches in the process too. Now I'm back in the saddle and haven't put my food down about going cold turkey.
Until then....

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