Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Game

I'm having a blast just figuring out all this stuff. Now don't get me wrong debt and Diva-ness don't go hand in hand, but since I'm here I might as well deal with it as the game it is. The point is I'm having a great time just figuring what I'm paying, where it goes, and what's happening with my investments. Really y'all what I'm tryin' say is it's better since I woke up.

The goal as of last month was to eliminate AX in by July. Buuttttt.... as I did the math and realized how much interest actually evaporated from my incoming cash under the category of monthly payments, I decided to pay more money to BofA since their daily compounded interest is a helluva lot worse than AX who by getting $200 monthly will still be paid by year's end. Speaking of daily compounding I recently pulled out my Bof A agreement and will be reading it like a novel I'm lovin' this week. I have all intentions of paying attention this time.

The Dave Ramsey way it's not, but then again I'm finding out what's good for me. The key is discipline.

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