Thursday, May 22, 2008

What this Post Did for Me

Falling off the Dave Ramsey Diet really got me thinkin'. Not that I have anything against DR, but I enjoyed the post. However, it was the comments that gave me lots of insight and had me take action. Clearly folks feel a way about him. There were 67 comments. I've been stuck on whether to discontinue funding my 401K for a minute to eradicate my debt. The whole thing is psychological. It's about security. Then I remembered I reduced my contributions to fund my Flexible Spending Account in 2005. At that time my debt was a marginal thought. But I had sense enough to know I didn't want to put it on a card. Also there were tax benefits to the FSA. LOL.
Here's what the info prompted me to do:
1. Look at 2007 401K statements to track earnings
2.Look at allocations and make changes
3.Chart contribution changes
--2/05 15%
--3/05 lowered to 10%
--12/05 lowered to 3%
--4/06 raised to 4%
--1/08 raised to 7%
--4/08 raised to 8%

Earnings for the 2007 were $1,917.76 and interest on just the BofA acct. was $2,522.26(my Period of Practicing Stupidity). So far BofA's in 2008 interest is $578.24 and going down. Thank God! Checking the 401K, earnings for this quarter were $928. That makes me want to leave it as it is. Sigh! I really know what I have to do. I've worked it out loosely where I can count on paying at least $600 for the next six months. More to follow. Peace.

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