Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Daily Chores

I feel great!!! Now the real reason is cause God woke me up this morning and ya know He could have chosen differently. Barring that I finally secured an interest decrease from AX. 12% thank you very much. I'm now at 15.99, which M. told me she was doing as a courtesy for me because of my tenure w/them. LOL. This being my 3rd call. Not bad. I'll continue to make on time payments and then go for another rate reduction in four months. In addition a small bit of research made me aware prime is now 5.25%-down from 6%.

Tried the same w/BofA and asked them to reopen my acct. NOT!!! S. advised me to get an updated copy of my CR to have any mistakes removed; see if I could get my collection item removed by going back to the original source to negotiate direct payments to them. While I noted the reason for them closing the acct had nothing to do w/my coll item. That wasn't acknowledged. If nothing else it was an insightful convo and I will make another attempt soon. My monthly payment w/them decreased $18, which AX will have the courtesy of getting.

Lightning bolt!! The AX rate is now lower that BofA by 3 points. Hmm. Do i do it the psychological Dave Ramsey way or the DA wayby getting rid of the largest debt. More to think of. In the meantime I'll make another phone call.
peace y'all

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