Thursday, April 17, 2008


I've been trying to get this update out for the last few days. Life's been happening.

Yeah on the AX home front!!! The lowered rate has slashed my interest owed by $30.
I was in the process of sending AX an additional $100(extra payments for this billing cycle have totaled $425 so far), but the billing cycle is over. The May bill is $223.76. I decided not to wait. Even though this money wasn't going toward the flex payment balance, I sould be able to send them an extra $400 or more by month's end. Sooo............I reasoned::

$100 +
35.25 +(Motor Vehicles refund)
40 + (the $ I'd been paying Cititbank)
18 +(the difference between March & April's Bof A min.)
.51 (to round out the bill)
Total $193.76
I only have $30 before delve into the flexible payment balance. I've worked a little extra last month. Yes!!! Mo' money. Mo' money.

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