Thursday, April 03, 2008

The GOOD and the NOT SO GOOD

Earlier this week the M-Network's members blogged about their best and worst financial decisions. These are some of mine.
The Good
1-Still in an investment club I joined in 1997.
2-My land purchase.
3-Loving my self enough to handle my $; tracking debt reduction/spending; reading books and pf blogs; journaling; .
4-Saving little by little for bills that are due yearly. As a matter of fact I used the $ from my landowners fees toward the elimination of the Citi bill. I can pay them monthly and there is no interest.
The Not so Good
1-Not communicating around my ability to repay; burying my head in the sand and guaranteeing interest rate increases.
2-Not building on the land. Means I don't have a place to go or make passive income (the payoffs are low taxes and no mortgage).
3-Not paying attention to the fees of my SEP. I just found out they were deducted 2x yearly. Not funding it consistently or often.
4-Procrastinating on the personal tax tip.

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