Wednesday, July 16, 2008

How Much Did I Say I'd Save?

So I did say two posts ago that was going to put $100 into my E-fund every two weeks didn't I? When I reveiewed my budget I agreed to deposit $50 instead. But I didn't update the transfer balance. Right now I'm good. I have an extra $55 after all bills, gas and grocery budget is taken care of. I defenitely could use more. If it gets tighter I may have to transfer the additional $50 back. Wow! Payday was on the 15th. Two more weeks to go. I'm going to have to budget more for me considering this is the summer and I seem to spend just a little more.

I forgot my lunch today. I managed to get away with an additional $5. You see I don't plan for lunch because I take it with me. I also forgot to take cash, so I had to use my bill I stash just so I'll always have cash. Hmm... They gave me a $50 bill back. Perhaps I'll carry that around for a while until I can build back up to $100.

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