Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Pending Layoffs

The Job announced last week it was looking to layoff a little less than 1,000 folks. I wasn't worried, but I'm not that far from the bottom. I came out 3 numbers above the cutoff line. That number will change when they take into account people who are retiring and taking leaves.
I remain positive and focused on my goals. One of which is to have a sweet ride while I'm still here.

For a brief minute when I believed I hadn't made it, I thought of the money I used to pay down my debt rather than build up savings. That resulted in a should I have.. conversation. Hmm.. I also remembered the time I paid $100 every two weeks into a su-su. I found the money to do that. What came to me is I can do that again. That's the way I'm going to build my E-fund. My current amount will only cover me 2 months. Not good. It's also time to review my yearly goals and see where I be.

I missed being here.

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