Sunday, July 20, 2008

More Month than Money

At this point I have $.92 in my checking accout. Because of my envelope system I still have $23 for groceries and $10 for gas-I filled up in Jersey this week. However, I only have $29 in my wallet(I bought a fish dinner last night). I've also reduced my wallet reserve bill to $50.
I have to last till the 30th, which will be tight. I have an alternative or two, one being not spend anymore money. Riiiight! But I can work on it. I already taking lunch, but I did buy lunch this past week since I left my food on the counter as I was running out the door. I refused to buy Popeye's large popcorn shrimp platter at $8(cheapskate), so I went for the sandwhich. I ended up getting an additional one when the manager went running after me, thinking I left w/o my purchase. Although it was a little over $4, I realize my own food is much better. I won't be furghettin' any time soon.

Going thru SundaySaver, I see things I need for my home. Suddenly I realized I don't have a budget for household purchases other than cleaning products which I lump in with groceries. Like everything else, I've been buying them when I need them. Well today I'll make a category and save a few dollars bi-weekly. Because I don't need a lot I can start with $20 each pay period. Light bulb moment: I still have my Visa gift card. I decided to use it to buy an iron and never got around to it. Problem solved. Hmm...what else can I buy. Mind ticking away.

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