Monday, July 21, 2008

Watching the Dates

I finally understood what other bloggers experienced when snowflaking w/regards to billing cycle close dates, etc.

I've been paying $50 monthlyfor dental services rendered to GE account. Mind you I have prepaid a month ahead of time to be able to pay them on the date that works for me. No prob til I got paid two days earlier than usual and paid on the same day. What I failed to notice w/the last statement was a total of two $50 payments. Had I caught it I could have adjusted for it. I did not and when I opened the today's statement I saw a balance that looked strange. A late fee. What!! I gathered my statments, preparing to call them and do battle. Uh-Uh, the fault was mine. I did get the late fee removed and was also told the payment I made on the 15th will actually go toward the August bill. Don't know if I believe that. I think I may just pay this from E-savings( even though it's not really an emergency) and pay myself back w/four payments of $50. It'll be one less thing to keep track of.

Perhaps what got me was the do battle thought.

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