Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Extra $$, Extra $$

Saturday was the bomb. I did it. I went back. Okay, okay I know you have no idea what I'm talkin' about. Let me clue you in. I was scheduled to take a workshop. The bug in my ear was to sell some of these fabrics I've had hanging around forever. That's exactly what I did. I never took the workshop. Once I set up the fabric table, I went for it. Had a great time and got some fabrics and remnants out of my space. Yes Lord! I made about $200. I even sold a garment and made another $350. I'm excited but it's a dull excitement. I don't want to have this money just slip thru my hands. Yes I'm trying to pay for a cruise at year's end, but I want to be realistic and have most of this money go to debt repayment.


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