Saturday, August 23, 2008


Yesterday I took my shoes to the shoemaker to get lifts and taps. I distinctly remember I was too lazy to take them to him for taps when I first bought them. So now I'm paying the price. However, instead of being cheap like I have in the past(depending on how much was in my wallet, I might only get lifts and no taps). I added taps to the front and back and never even thought about how much it would cost.
1- I knew the price would be reasonable.
2-These things will preserve the life of my shoes.
It's a win-win. Especially since this is the second pair of this style that I bought at an unexpected $25.

I have a new pair I bought for work a few weeks ago ($29 down from $59). I'm gonna take those in for taps before I begin wearing them for the fall.

Choices. Either I pay a little now or pay a lot more later.

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