Sunday, August 24, 2008

More Month than Money II

This is actually a surprise to me. Yes, I paid more to BofA, but then again I had extra to pay them and was glad to do so. However, in the past two weeks I've been having fun. And that costs $$. Dinners w/sista friends; exercise classes; birthdays, whatever. Now that I'm paying attention to how I spend my money, I see the difference between right now and when I'm operating more frugally. Also it reminds me of the times I wasn't paying attention and just spending and wondering where the money went.

I just received another $100 for some work I did. My goal is for that money to go to BofA. Not me. Check back later to see how intentional I am.

On a greater tip, I probably didn't mention I'm going on retreat in October. That retreat is fully paid for ahead of schedule. Yeah!!! A change from scuffling at the last minute. Until I find out more, I'll budget $100 since I won't need much money.

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