Friday, August 15, 2008

An Unexpected Surprise

It's a good morning when I get up and out early to take care of biz. This was one of those am's.

The decision to ride downtown to pay off a ticket was nixed when I saw a parking space on the right side of my block(alternate side parking begins @ 11:30). I got out by 8:10 and in order to use my transfer to return home I had to be back on the bus within 2 hrs. There was no line at the window to get the ticket reduced by 20%. Not only did I get the reduction, it seems that the ticket wasn't filled out correctly. Soooo you got it. NO CHARGE!

The back story: Last month while visiting the good friend I walked away from my vechicle not paying attention to the fact I parked at a hydrant. I turned around to see my boy in his little vehicle writing. Wait! Wait! I was just.... He explained why he couldn't tear up the ticket(an easy $115), but since I agreed my car was parked at an angle, he was able to give me a $45 ticket for such an obscure fine that he had to write in the code. So happy was I to get the reduction, I never noticed the ticket was jacked.

With that in stride I went to the post office to take care of biz. Again, no line. From there I hit the library; hopped on the bus within my transfer time and rode off in bliss.

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